Anvi T

The Violin

The orchestra lingers

On your first tide  

Tiny taps emerge from the current

Your soft notes

Burst with music


The Fortissimo solo flows through

friends and family.

Capturing the spotlight

Wanting the attention.


You have the melody

Coated on your strings

Wrapped in your bow

Play it all

Because you are

The Violin!

A Day at the Park

I fly like a bird

As I reach for the sparkling sun

My feet flying ahead

I smile

I swing like a monkey

As I slip from bar to bar.

My hands hold on tight careful not to fall

I smile


I jump like a kangaroo

As I fly up and down

Our feet bounce in rhythm

I smile


I run like a cheetah

 My feet safely slide to home

I smile


I nap like a cat

The cool breeze blowing

As the cool shade hugs me

I remember my exciting day at the park

And I smile.


My Guitar


Guitars are supposed to sing rock and roll

But my lazy guitar eats a Tootsie Roll!

My guitar is a sloth

Groaning out a few tings and tongs

But she won’t practice


It is not my fault we make a terrible team

She just won’t come to me

She sleeps all day

Her strings ring up to eat

Her sound hole snores again

But she won’t practice


I complain to my parents

Persuade my teachers

Chat to my friends

Babble to some others

But, they all say

“I don’t give my guitar enough  practice”


She smiles at me

Starts chuckling

Finally she says,

“Let’s practice!”




Rest in peace

You will be remembered

In loving memory of

Are just yellow humbug



You are the only one who feels the sorrow  

When someone special

Is taken away




Your red pumping heart fades gray with

The loneliness of Pluto

You grieve out all your salty, foggy and gloomy teardrops

But you can’t stop

Your melancholy fondness is what matters

Your golden tear is the real




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