Emily B


    My name is like a pogo stick

    Each syllable bounces to the next without a worry

    My parents sound it out long and strong

    my friends rush through it

    My name in Latin

    means striving

    I like that (I guess)

    My name is served with a cup of hot tea  

    yet fierce.

    It has the heart of a tiger

    But the will of a butterfly

    It is an ordinary name

    but it describes me.





     Young, nice, smart.

      Brother of Emily.

      Lover of family, Wii, ipad and dog.

      Who gives laughter and smiles.

       Who lives on the corner of sports and sweets.

        An amazing brother, friend and boy.


Orange is a summer day,

when the hot sun blares,

when a shy soul opens its petals for the first time.



Orange is a crisp fall leaf floating in the air,

when school is out,

when fun is a step away.



Orange is a pie crust,

flakey and dry.

Orange is a firework,

bright and entertaining.


Orange is the sound of a puppy’s growl,

young and harsh.

Orange is the sunset,
splashed with color and kindness.



One thought on “Emily B

  1. Loved what you wrote Emily — there is so much depth into what you write. You really have such interesting things added to make your writing so unique.


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