Katelin J


Helpful, Responsible, Peaceful, Stern

Brother and sister of no one

Lover of blankets, hugs, and sleep

Who feels glad to be alone

Frustrated when life isn’t perfect

Calm when she’s in dream land.                     

Who gives support, kindness, respect

Who fears spiders, witches, and claustrophobic spaces

Who would like to see China,Texas, Mexico

Who lives on the responsible side, but on the verge of having a teenage meltdown.


I have to sit in the boiling sun

while my passengers

go and spread their layers of sweat in the pool

 I’m alone

disappointed and neglected

 I have to bake and wait in the boiling sun

It feels like an eternity

I never whine

or complain

 I am able to go out in the rain

So why can’t I go to the pool?

Some people say cars have an easy life.

But is it really?

I have to wait in the burning sun

and the freezing cold

Left in a parking lot.

The only place that is home for me

is the garage

And the only exciting active I get to experience

is the car wash

I once had to drive my passengers to Kennywood

and I thought that I was going on a ride,

But no!

I was parked in the parking lot

For three hours

I never whine

Or complain.

Well, I should be thankful

at least my passengers give me a place to sleep indoors.  

I never want to sleep outdoors

with the savage bears

and the horrible insects.

I have no life at all,

and I wish I could go

on fantastic adventures.

In a Sea of Katelins

My name is common, but the spelling is not.  I spell my name completely different from most Katelins. The spelling of my name is extremely uncommon, in fact many people can’t spell it correctly. The way my name is spelled is so unique that it can’t be found in any store. No one can find it on a mug or a necklace.  If I want my name on any item at all, I would either have to special order it, or make a request at a store.

I ask my mom why she spelled Katelin the way she did. My mom tells me that she knew it was a common name, but she spelled it differently to make it unique. Whenever I see a necklace with other names on it I wish I could see my name on there for once. I never feel special when someone says my name; I only like when people spell it, or at least try to.

My mom always does her best to make me feel important. She tells me that even though there are over a hundred Katelins in the world, I’m one in a million. That is true because I know on one can be just like me. So, sometimes my mom will special order something with my name and the correct spelling on the item.  For now I appreciate the way my name is spelled, I just feel lost in the sea of Katelins.


I had never lived in a house before. I had to move to an apartment that basically was a tiny box.  By the time I moved to my permanent home, it would be my second move.  When I finally arrived, I saw inside and to me, it was a dump.  The worst part of all is that the movers put all the boxes in the basement, instead of the rooms they were supposed to be in.  My mom regretted that she had ever served them lunch. I realized that all the boxes needed to be moved, and there was a major need for some TLC. Our first night there was a nightmare! It couldn’t have gone worse. When my mom finally had some time to plan for the renovation, she hopped to it.  

After three months my mom was ready to start redoing and the small kitchen and the rest of the renovations followed. When the kitchen was first worked on we had to move all the boxes out into the basement. I eventually found food when I was hungry, but finding silverware was like trying to find a polar bear in a snowstorm.

When the workers came there was so much noise and shouting; some of them didn’t even know what to do.  Some nights we had to go to sleep with a project still unfinished. Sometimes the workers started on multiple projects, and many of them didn’t get finished until a week later. Life wasn’t as easy as my mom thought, so she got us a hotel to stay in while the renovations were being done. I appreciated that she cared about what state I was living in.

The hotel was cozy and it was a safe haven of quiet.  We spent over a week there. I was shook up during the day, and ready to float on the bed at the hotel at night.  I longed to be back in my home through, and the workers were slacking off.  Whenever they would finish a job they would always leave behind beer. That action sent my mom into a fit.  She would scream and yell,

and her face became as red as a fire truck. The work was a long and painful experience, but we survived.


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