Kelly G


I plead and beg to be free

Of the torturous needle-thin string that is restraining me

And keeping me nailed to

The Earth


And then

In a miracle of silent wind and deafening hope

My thread tears and shreds

And I am free


Free to fly at my own will

Free to travel the world

Free to see things I would miss

Tethered to a porch step


I soar tauntingly above my peers

I am above a city of ants


I glide through

Galaxies of nothing but

Clear skies


Come join me

In my endless expedition

Through the universe


Next stop

The Sun


A single teardrop in a desert

The first snowflake of Christmas

The vibration of a broken guitar’s strings

The only cherry on top of an ice cream cone

The crash and pull of the tide

The parakeet’s blanket of vibrant feathers

The soft cushion of a new chair

The unknown winter cabin in the middle of nowhere

The final dance in a year-long ballet

The comfort of knowing

They will be home soon


Red burns and booms

Exploding with blood and passion

In a dance of revenge and fury


Yellow shines and shimmers

Radiating with sunshine and generosity

In a storm of mischief and glory


Blue cries and beckons

Flooding with despair and longing

In a puddle of rejection and tragedy


And I

I am in between

Like orange, green, purple, pink

I dare to imagine and dream

Seeking hope and light

In a wish to make it a reality


My name means risk and danger and hope.  It means closing your eyes and picking a number.  It means jumping as far as you can and hoping that’s enough.

My name is mine, all mine.  It isn’t a hand-me-down name, one that’s already all bent and torn with someone else’s story.  I can choose most of the marks that I leave on my name all by myself.  I have no pressure of living up to the name of mine’s previous owner.

Maybe I’d like to try on a new name, like Mavis, or Lucy, or Georgia, just to see if it fit well.  But, even if it didn’t, I’d always have my shiny, brand-new name, Kelly, that fit just right.


The winds whine to the trees      

Who lash and flail

And the grass shrieks in unison

With the cowering bush

The clouds huddle together

And the pond ripples and cries

As lightning pinches the waters

In its first appearance


The grass breathes a sigh

Like a lazy sloth

Waiting for sleep to arrive

And the clouds sway

Together, apart, together, apart

And the birds frolic through them


The colors mingle

Like old friends

The trees tickle the the air

And the sun pierces the water

Until it is all gone


The sun retreats

But there is still light

Radiated from the flurries

Spinning and twirling from the sky

Until it coats the earth

Like an ocean of clouds

And the trees and grass

Under the blanket

Hibernate until

The sun claims it as well


The trees emerge

But evolve

For now

They shed their light

Coating the earth again

But now with crisp,

Fresh colors

And the sun shivers in its place

Weakened, but still strong

As we all wait

For it to begin again


A single star in the middle of the night

A flashlight’s final battery in a pitch-black cave

The flag of a peaceful angel

The first note on a keyboard

The only marshmallow in a gallon of hot cocoa

A single peach in a basket of radishes

The curtain separating the performer and the stage

The silk wedding dress of a hopeful bride

A light that leads you home


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