Kyla C




 hopelessly alone


Gray thoughts

Day dreams

Stuck in an


Lost in time

Slow motion

Dizzily stopping

Seeing people


Taking from

One another




Back to life

Outside of my




Green is the forest, and the sea.

A tadpole in the water.

It is the taste of mint on a fresh spring day.

It smells like freshly cut grass.

It acts like a playful puppy.

It feels like sitting on the top of an oak tree.

It moves like a dragonfly high in the sky.

The Inspiration


We rush to the park

Write of things in nature, I’m told

But I see no inspiration

Look at the clouds

But it is a seamless stream of blue

Look at the grass

I see a patch of clovers

I wonder if there are any four-leaf clovers

None are to be seen

I hear

A child cry because she is too hot

And another because the sun is fighting a war with his eyes

I notice I am cool like lemonade

And the golden sun is blocked from me

The sky is filled with green, glowing flakes falling to the earth

They dance to the sound of cicadas

Buzzing their sweet, melodic tune


The brown, rough scruff on its body

Laying tight to it making it seem mean and tough

Even though it is a softy at heart

Shade and comfort to a child

And keeps you covered from the rain

Trees. Trees!

That’s what I’ll write about!

It’s All in the Name

   In Ireland my name means beautiful; it is happiness in German and in Spanish it is soul. My name is the fresh flower buds on the tops of trees the sound of birds singing in spring. In my name I hide my hopes and dreams; I lock myself in the letters of an Irish girl’s name.

There are few people like me and my name fits that too; I’ve only met one other girl with the name.  My name came from a book, a book of names. It was the nicest one they found, the softest they heard, but it was also a sweet word, Kyla.

    But no one knows how to pronounce it.  People say Kayla, Kaylee, and Kya. Can’t you see how it is spelled? I don’t see how you took it upon yourself to change my name. You switched the syllables and changed the letters.Why and how did you do that, even though I just said it?

I would love to have a name people knew, like Jewel,or Rose, or have a name that is famous like Elizabeth, or Olivia.  But you know what? I would never change my name because my name is the one for me.

What Is?

“What ‘is’?” said the boy to the man walking by.

“Well,‘is’ is the world. Lots of things ‘is,’” the man said back. “‘Is’ is almost everything. ‘Is’ keeps us together. The world ‘is’, life ‘is’, love ‘is,’ faith ‘is’, hope ‘is’, time ‘is’, beauty ‘is,’ freedom ‘is.’”

“Are we ‘is’?” the boy said with his eyes filled with hope.

   “You answer that,” said the man, and he walked away leaving the child in silence.  The boy sat in the alley.  Alone in the dark, his mind stuck wondering what ‘is.’


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