Martha W


Ants are often underestimated.

Curious, they explore.

To them an ice cube is a glacier,

a puddle is a sea.

They scamper across every surface with tiny legs.

Still they stay determined

in a world so much bigger than they could ever be.

They keep their unwavering loyalty to their nest

through disaster and peril.

They create,

sculpting intricate tunnels.

They care for their young and each other,

putting the needs of the nest before their own,

mirroring humans in their determination to create the best life for their family.

Ants are adventurers and artists

with a passion to survive through the instability of a world

so much larger than we can imagine.

Bio Poem



Creative, shy, artistic, forgetful

Lover of Undertale, Doctor Who, anime

Who feels awkward when speaking, content when alone,

Who gives laughter, friendship and socks

Who fears spiders, public speaking, and global warming

Who would like to see the universe

Who lives somewhere in between reality and her imagination

Lourae W.


Day and night we pelt you

With never-ending questions

Endless streams of 1s and 0s

You contain worlds to explore

Games to play

Stories to read

Yet when you start to slow with age

We throw you out

Like an empty juicebox

You are a tool

Nothing more

You are unthinking routines

Obeying commands

Responding to problems

Creating solutions

You can calculate




You can make us laugh

And cry

And smile

But you will never laugh

Never cry

Never smile

You will forever be lifeless

Just a simulation

Just a computer


My name means “lady”

a word that has never described me.

It’s a name for fancy women

spending their time roaming marble halls

admiring antique pots and crystal chandeliers.

A “lady” would never be caught wearing black T-shirts

or fangirling over Youtubers.

They would spend their time tending to their gardens,

full of useless flowers that can do nothing but look pretty,

then wither away.

They wouldn’t be caught dead spending their time

creating art

or playing video games.

My name is a daisy



and pointless.                                                                                    

What if I want to be a cherry blossom?

Or a tiger lily?

Someday maybe I’ll want to change it

to London,


or Sky,

but for now

I am Martha Lourae W.


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