Olivia W

What is Dark Green?

Dark green is the color of green eggs and ham


And an overgrown world

It’s mist and rain pouring

And dark, empty spaces

It’s whispers in the wind

Smoggy days

In the rain

Pines are dark green

Dark Green wears dark, dark gloves

And pulls you down from above.

My Name

In Latin, my name means olive tree. My name is not original.  It is the number one, used too much.  A sunshiney color.  Like sunny yellow.  And it smells like overripe peaches, sickenly sweet. My name is dolphins jumping over a sunset. It is the melody of the song. The perfect circle. The moonbeams in the dark night.

I am not named after anyone, so I get a clean paper to start with. No wrinkles or marks. I have no mold I have to squeeze into. I do not and will not have a pre-set role model. I can be ME.

To my parents, I am 桐桐, 吴桐. My name is the person I am, and always will be. Olivia.



Energetic, Crazy, Protective

Lover of his family, treats, and hugs

Who never gives back remote controls

Who fears cars, other dogs, basically everything

Who would like to see more cats

Who lives on the intersection of dog food and belly rubs



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