Ryan B



The color of clouds


Then E x P l O d I n G

Crashing through the doors of my throat

Like a hurricane

The color of the galaxy

The universe


e         x          p             a               n                  d                    i                     n                          g

As ink bleeds and keeps moving


A light shade of black

A shadow in the sliver of brightness

A dirty polluted ocean

That can’t be cleaned

Navy feels smooth

In my mouth

it’s sea swept over my tongue

And evened it out

Like a rock

Navy is a force

Clever and Betraying

E x P l O d I n G

My Name

My name is a punishment that I am forced to keep forever,

Even after I die.

My name is nothingness, like 91, not sweet, like 16.

Every time it spills out my mouth, it climbs up my throat like vomit

And pops my taste buds like bubbles.

It sounds wrong.

People get confused sometimes, and say,

“Where is he?”

But they mean she.

It sounds like writing with a broken pencil,

Like having one little popcorn kernel in your teeth,

Like pulling apart cotton balls,

Like scratching a piece of paper,


Why couldn’t it be Emma?



Anything else.



Turning beaches to glass

A charcoal dotted citrine in the solar system

Extending its arms to Earth

As we roll around it

Like a marble

Revolving perpetually

Around our illumination

It reaches to us

But is careful not to touch

For fear of engulfing us

In a sea of smoke

Above flames

But gives us just enough heat

So that we are not




A tsunami of sparkles

Glimmering and Glowing in the Gorgeous Golden glow and the glamorous shine of the



Back and forth

Like an argument

From one side to another


Always switching

Do you have commitment issues?

“What are you trying to do?” *


Back and forth

A tedious task.

With horrible   m  o  a  n  i  n  g

Like an elephant’s death

It keeps going

Eeeee ooooo eeeee ooooo eeeee ooooo

The sound tunnels through my brain and blood, like it will always be with me

It spreads like a sickness through the air, yet I am the only one to notice.

It drives me INSANE

How do you not notice? Why don’t you care? Why do you like this?

Back and forth

Slowly, the stupid babbling children end their “fun”


false alarm…

This poem may be long, but so was the time

Spent torturing my ears with the music of the swings

QUICK take me to the hospital

Before this ear infection spreads

To my eyes my nose E   V   E   R   Y   W   H   E   R   E   !

Back and forth

Calm down and relax, it’s all in my head

I already know, that is the problem


*a quote I heard someone say



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