Scott Z

Annoying Children


Third graders are on the move, shouting at each other looking for triangles on the ground. All of the them are friends looking at a fallen brick. They only talk to each other. Many triangles surrounded the park. They all think it is the illuminati leading them into clues of their existence.

In the beginning of the journey, they spot some moss on the stone wall and the leader says, “The illuminati has been here.”

As soon as they noticed this triangle, they split up to find more triangles in the surrounding area. They find a twig that makes a rectangle but call it a triangle as if it were illuminati confirmed. They were all so excited so they looked around finding “clues” such as a tree with three branches that could result as a triangle. All of them feel like a huge change in their lives has occurred. All of a sudden, Gabe, a member of the gang, mysteriously leaves. Everyone is searching him.

Gabe’s disappearance makes the group yell at each other in fear. They think the illuminati is coming for them, picking one of them at a time. Where could he go? After a minute, he reappears. He says, “I was at the restroom.”

Eventually, the group is back in action looking for triangles. I help them out by finding a triangle with an “eye” in the middle. They get angry at my “unwanted help”. With all the help I offer them, they only want my gummy bears. They are as greedy as a millionaire wanting candy.  Then, one girl says, “The illuminati is on the dollar bill.”

They celebrate the victory by going back to their chaperones to the bus.




The color of light

Magenta is bright

The purple appears

Combined by pink fear


Artificial lemonade

Tasty and already made


Filled with shiny sheen

For everyone it can be seen


So sweet and tasty

Like candy and pastry


Hot as a star

Could be seen from afar


Magenta is colorful

It is never dull


The Annoying Creature


It is as annoying as a catchy song,

Its voice sings in a nasal voice,

Everyone to it is friend or foe,

It is a teacup, short and stout,

Only annoying humming fills its dull brain,

It is a snitch that can’t get stitches,

Annoying and creepy are ways to call it,

Or disrespectful is a way to define it


No one calls it “friend” only “annoying,”

It tries to be cool only to be swatted at,

It thinks I am its best friend, but I am not,

 It copies jokes that are repetitive,

All girls hate it while boys avoid it,

    It is as rude as a lying politician,

It is a ugly as a witch inside and out,

It is a mosquito that sucks blood!





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