Serena Z


Short, noisy, crazy, and funny

Sister of Scott

Lover of ice cream, my family, and Starbucks.

Who would like to see Hawaii and a pyramid.

Who feels happy, jumpy, and crazy.

Who fears drowning, dying, and being shot.

Who lives in Candyland.




                                                                                    So yummy in my tummy


                                                                                                    salty, sweet, sour

                                                                                             cheese flavored too.

                                                                                                  Eat them on the go,

                                                       Eat chips as fast as a cheetah can go  


                                                                                               They give you energy  

                                                                                                              delicious too,    

                                                                                  They punch your tastebuds.

                                                                                     Which flavor to choose?

                                                                                                   my favorite is cheese

                                                                                                          How about you?


                                                          Curled, rounded, and triangular

                                                                                                    Some very salty

                                                They keep on going right into my mouth .

                                                                                                             I  love chips!

                                                                             Chips, my favorite food


Falling Paper


Alyssa, Emily, and Serena were laughing their heads off! The paper was gracefully falling down like a butterfly.

“Let’s throw some paper down there!” they all hollered. First was Alyssa who threw a little piece of paper.

“Ohh! Look it’s gonna land on the bird’s butt!” Thankfully, it didn’t land there. After each one of the girls has had a turn to throw the paper, they all decide on building an airplane. Emily ripped out a piece of paper and Serena built the airplane. All of the girls were fighting about who should throw it down. Since Emily and Serena were too horrified to throw it, Alyssa threw it down. The airplane slowly sank down into the sidewalk looking like a dying bird.



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